Library Regulations


  • Smoking and consumption of food and drinks is not permitted in the library.
  • Mobile Phones should be set to silent mode and please don't use them in the library.
  • Journals of current interest will be found on the journal shelf in alphabetical order. All other journals and documents have to be handed out by the librarians!
  • Used books should be put on the specially provided and marked place only. Please refrain from putting them back into the shelves.
  • The library material must be treated with care: it is strictly forbidden to make notes, underline, use paper clips, post-it notes, tape or anything that might damage the material.
  • If you have any special questions or need help concerning the library, please ask the librarians.
  • Copies can be made for the price of 10 cent for copy (one-sided), please ask the librarians.


  • All monographs and also a lot of articles can be accessed online via keywords, author's name, ... (two separate computers are available for users). The library also provides wireless internet access.
  • You also can use the library catalogue via Internet in House International:


  • Periodicals (Dok) and documents (Dok) cannot be taken out (No exceptions!!), they have to be read in the library.
  • There is a limit of 15 loans.
  • The normal loan period for books is 4 weeks.
  • The loan period for books that has not been requested by another borrower may be renewed. You can do so either by coming to the library or online:
  • Any change of the e-mail address must be reported to the library.
  • Don't give the borrowed books to other people, you are personally responsible for the borrowed book until it is returned.
  • The borrower is obligated to compensate for lost or damaged material.


You have also the possibility to use the OPAC of The Austrian Libraries Network.

If you need books the library can order them for you (via international library loan request). It takes about 1-2 weeks and you have to pay for it (costs depend on the library).

You can also search in the ELECTRONIC JOURNALS LIBRARY (Austrian National Library), but only in the Peace Library because you need a password.

If you don't find special articles you need in the Peace Library they may be ordered, please ask the librarians. Please don't forget to provide detailed information and you also have to pay for it (about 5 / article).

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